These are roughed out and etched on a CNC router to ensure a consistent shape, then the picking surface is sanded by hand to a consistent radius. Made from high grade acrylic that doesn’t wear easily.

Ships in 3-5 business days.


Satin Lava Sweep Pick

I made these picks for my own personal use, wanting something that functions better when sweep picking.

The picking surface is designed to glide off the string with minimal effort-you really have to lighten up your picking stroke with these, the attack is much greater!

The pick glides from string to string with ease, making sweep picking MUCH easier. I tried stone picks, but the glossy finish of the picks makes a terrible *poing* sound when you touch it to a string.

That’s why I make the picking surface FROSTED to make the tone sound more like a traditional pick.

I don’t use these 100% of the time, but I use them a LOT. When playing metal, I pick much faster and more efficiently, and sweeps are effortless. These aren’t the best for every application. I wouldn’t recommend them for chord strumming, or acoustic guitars in general.

This will however, help you learn to sweep pick or improve and economize your picking!


Several customers physical issues have been saying that the thickness is helping their picking a lot. Here’s a message I received from one customer:

“I have been building some legato fretting/fingering skills up with the sweeps and the way it makes the string ring out with less effort. It’s a huge help! I’m coming off a long medical convalescence and still got a long way to go. Have nerve and muscle damage from my left shoulder to my fingers from a ruptured bicep. Being able just let my right hand dynamics “happen” and focus on rebuilding the connection and response/feedback from the strings and fretboard is seriously a huge help. I would love to know that maybe another person could use them the same way. I used to be quite comfortable in my fretting and fingering techniques — so this is a huge deal for me to be able to freely practice and beef my left hand back up”
-@jesusaurus_rex on instagram


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