The Pragmatist is a high-end shred guitar, designed to be effortless to play and highly responsive. This guitar has qualities of the guitars I grew up playing, like Ibanez, and Jackson, with the amazing vintage instruments I’ve gotten to own and play as I’ve grown older.

The base price of these instruments includes:

  • A flame maple top
  • Body and neck binding
  • Ebony fretboard & headplate
  • Boutique Pickups (Bareknuckle, Lollar, etc.)
  • Gotoh Locking Tuners
  • Hipshot hardtail bridge
  • Hardshell case
  • Satin Finish

6 string: $2500 – 7 string: $2750 – 8 string: $3000

As with all of my guitars, customization is always a possibility. Shoot me an email, and we can plan every aspect of your custom instrument, from the ground up. Chambering, exotic woods, body carves, custom inlay, and personal touches can all be added to your custom build.

I also offer this in a multiscale – designed for the optimum string tension on the bass strings, without compromising tone or playability on the treble strings. This results in a tight, responsive and balanced tone overall.

Custom scale lengths and configurations are always a possibility. Making an instrument multiscale is an additional $300, which includes T4M (technology for musicians) italian hardware. As a former machinist, the quality of this hardware always blows me away, and it’s always a joy to use and install.