Custom Inlay Services

Liggett Guitars is proud to offer custom inlay services for other luthiers as well as instrument owners who want custom inlay work.

Services include CNC inlay cutting of shell, stone and other media for batch production, as well as hand-cut inlay and engraving. I use any tool at my disposal to get the cleanest result possible.

I can deliver inlaid and finish-sanded headplates ready for you to glue to necks, or add an inlay to an existing instrument. I can even create custom fingerboards – inlaid and slotted, for your next build. I have done custom inlay for Bishline Banjos, my own brand, and musicians and luthiers from all over the world.

As we build our custom inlay order process, please Contact Us for quickest inlay quote.

Popular Services

We can create headstocks with your logo inlaid with a variety of materials. We can also create custom inlay from artwork you provide, or from a reference image.

One method we prefer when making our own instruments, is to inlay the headplate, mark tuner holes, and profile the headplate oversized by .050”-.070”, then use a custom transparent plexiglass template after glue up. I align the template according to the marked tuner holes, trace the perimeter with a pencil, and spindle sand up to the pencil line. This results in a smooth, even glue line along the sides of the headstock. We can deliver inlaid headplates with marked tuner holes, and a corresponding template that you can reuse for years to come.

The sky is the limit when it comes to options for custom fingerboards. Any material, and scale length (including multiscale fingerboards) is possible. We can deliver a bound, inlaid, fingerboard with the fret slots cut to your shop ready for glue up.

We offer batch discounts of 5 pieces or more.

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Being a custom guitar business, we are equipped to add inlay to your existing instrument as well. Extensive fingerboard inlays can require refretting, and sometimes a headstock inlay will need to be refinished. We offer this as a bespoke service to our musician customers and other builders alike.

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