What makes a Liggett Guitar?

When it comes to an instrument, I am obsessed with how it feels.

Feel, or playability, is essential. Nothing should be ‘in your way’, you should forget that you’re holding an instrument and play intuitively.
My electric guitars tend to be thin and lightweight, yet substantial in feel so that they’re appropriate in the studio or for hours at a time on stage. 
Of course they need to look great, too.

I want to build something incredible, and I want you to play it. 

When you order a custom guitar, we are entering into a creative endeavor together. I will work with you to craft your custom instrument from scratch, suited for your specific needs. Along the way, you will receive weekly progress photos of your custom build, and be an integral part of the creative process. I want to build you the precise tool you need to create your art unencumbered.

About the Luthier

My name is Ben Liggett, and I have the best job in the world. I get to build custom guitars, and banjos, and people actually pay me to do so!

I attended Tulsa Technology Center during high school for Machining Technology, and worked as a machinist for several years. Then, in 2012, I attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ. I returned back home to Oklahoma to became a full time luthier at Bishline Banjos, where I got to help build some of the best banjos in the world for 8 years. I now build custom guitars full time, in addition to doing custom inlay work, finishing and repairs.


All Liggett Guitars have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by humidity extremes, temperature, alterations or modifications, accidents caused by improper handling and misuse, or normal wear and tear.

If you’re not absolutely in love with your new guitar upon receiving it, ship it back within 48 hours in its original condition to receive a full refund.

Let's Talk

Have a question about custom inlay services, guitar builds and repair, or just want to talk shop?

Drop me a line here and I’ll get back to you within the day.