Repair is available by appointment only

Appointments can be scheduled Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm at my workshop in Owasso, OK

Any unforseen issues, or features that are not standard, can increase the final bill amount. I will always notify you before conducting repairs that were not discussed during your appointment.

*Please make sure to review my repair policy HERE

Email to schedule an appointment

You may also reach me by phone (918)-407-7295

prices below

Acoustic, Electrics, and Basses

Floyd Rose, other locking trem system, or 12-String

Standard 6 String Guitar or Bass Nut

12-String Guitar Nut

Uncompensated Bone Saddle

Custom Intonated Bone Saddle

Standard Pickup Installation (replacement)
$50.00 + $15.00 each additional
*Tele bridge pickup swaps may incur additional labor, as the entire bridge needs to be removed.

Hollowbody wiring work takes more time, generally adding $30.00+.

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
K&K Pure Mini or Similar

Undersaddle Only (Piezo + Output Jack)

​Other acoustic pickup systems must be estimated in person.

Standard Jack Replacement
​$20.00 + Part
Add $10.00 for Stereo/Active

Semi-Hollow, Hollowbody, Acoustic Guitar
​$30.00 + Part

Non-standard jacks (Ernie Ball, G&L, etc.) may incur extra labor time in some cases.

Potentiometer replacement
$45.00 + Part
Add $15.00 for push/pull

Fender 5 way Switch Replacement
$50.00 + Part

Fender 3 way Switch Replacement
$40.00 + Part

Gibson Style 3 Way Toggle Replacement
$40.00 + Part

Rewire Standard Strat
$120.00 + Parts

Rewire Standard Les Paul
​$150 + Parts

​Add $30.00 for Hollowbody

Standard Guitar (6-String) or Bass
$20.00 + Cost of strings

Classical Acoustic, Locking Trem, or 12-String Guitar
$35.00 + Cost of strings

Fret level, crown, and polish (includes setup)

Complete Re-fret (includes new nut and setup)

Neck w/ binding add $50.00
​Stainless steel or EVO re-fret add $50.00
​Pre-1984 Fender add $50.00
​Maple fretboards can incur higher costs, as they often require refinishing the fretboard.

Bridge Reglue
$150 Standard pinned steel string 
$175 Classical, non-pinned bridge

Archtop Bridge Replacement/Fit
$50.00 + Part

Saddle Slot Plug/Recut
$90.00 + Saddle

Replacement Acoustic Bridge 

Brace Reglue
Starts at $60.00. This is another job that varies a lot. I can give a more accurate estimate in person.

Crack Repair
Generally starts at $60.00.

​Broken Headstock
Starts at $75.00. I don’t have a standard rate, as this is never a standard job.

Neck reset
$500 Standard Dovetail
Notes: Re-fret is frequently also necessary.
Non-standard neck joints may incur higher labor costs.
​Bolt-on necks will incur less labor than normal.

Necks installed before the finish process may require extra work (higher final bill).
Neck resets do not include any finish touch up work.

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