photo by: Tim Bugbee

Emil Amos

This guitar was designed specifically for Emil Amos, the mastermind behind the project HOLY SONS. He’s also the drummer for the band OM, multi-instrumentalist for the band Grails, and one half of the project Lilacs and Champagne. Emil Amos is no doubt prolific in his songwriting-he’s written and recorded thousands of songs and continues to remix and release them every year.

We spent about a year planning out every aspect of this guitar, with tone and ergonomics at the forefront. It has a chambered mahogany body capped with figured Oregon Walnut, cryogenically frozen Lollar “tweed” pickups, and a uber-lightweight butternut neck. He wanted a special inlay on the fretboard to signify the genesis of his LSD fueled songwriting at an early age.  Late nights, writing songs by candlelight, exploring the boundaries of songwriting and his own mind.

The East of Sweden guitar has a chambered mahogany body with a walnut top that is incredibly resonant.

It is an incredible opportunity and honor to be able build this guitar for Emil Amos, as he’s one of my all-time favorite musicians. Have a listen to his various projects in the highlighted links above.

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